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Great Lakes Cobra Club (GLCC)

An organization dedicated to Cobra enthusiasts of all kinds!

Whether you own a Cobra, are thinking about building a Cobra or are simply captivated by them, this is your central resource for all things Cobra related.

Our focus, as a Club, is to unite like-minded Cobra enthusiasts, build life-long friendships and to create an environment that encourages camaraderie and driving our Cobras.   If you interested in joining the GLCC, please click here for membership information.

Our event calendar is always evolving so check back frequently or sign-up for weekly updates (see form on the right).


The GLCC Snake Pit at WDC is in the books as a HUGE success!  


Thanks to everyone who participated as it is because of you we do what we do to create such a strong bond and family of like-minded friends!  

And thanks to all the great volunteers who made this event such a great success!








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Our Next Event:
GLCC - Cruise-In at Pasteneir's AutoZone (Greg Reid), September 05, 2015
First and Third Saturday of each month from April through October. Get there early - lot fills up. If anyone wants to plan a cruise following we c...

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Robert Khami
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GLCC - Cruise-In at Pasteneir's AutoZone (Greg Reid)
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