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Largest Gathering of Daytona Coupe Owners

On April 15, 2016 in Beverly Hills California the largest gathering of Daytona Coupes assembled at Bruce Goldsmiths home in Beverly Hills.

Notable celebs included Peter Brock , Lynn Park, Allen Grant and Jim Marietta.

The handbuilt, to original specification, Daytona Coupe also debuted on this day.  If you have not been following the build here is the documentary: https://www.facebook.com/projectdaytonacoupe/?fref=ts

Bruce Meyer opened up his private collection to the group later in the day.

Enjoy the pictures and memory: http://s585.photobucket.com/user/jeffgrice/library/Daytona%20Coupe/Daytona%20Coupes%20in%20SoCal%20April%202016?sort=3&page=1

And here is a video of the day:

And I recently learned that the home that is picture owned by Bruce...is...just...his...quest house!!




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