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You must read this page and agree with the statements below before contacting a seller or making a purchase through a Great Lakes Cobra Club classified ad.
  • Important: You are NOT making a purchase from Great Lakes Cobra Club. If you buy a product that is advertised for sale in our classified ads, you are making a purchase from an unknown seller that has placed the ad and is asking for you to send him money.
  • All contact through our classified ads is done at your own risk. No Guarantees or Warranties Great Lakes Cobra Club is not selling these products and cannot make any guarantee that you will receive the product you purchased. The transaction is between you and the seller only. Great Lakes Cobra Club will not accept any part in any transaction or any responsibility for the outcome.
  • We DO NOT screen ads, sellers or products that are for sale. Merchandise for sale in Great Lakes Cobra Club classified ads is not from a store unless explicitly indicated by Great Lakes Cobra Club. Great Lakes Cobra Club classified ads are a service that is available free to anyone that joins the site as a free member.
  • We do not have any more information about the seller than what is displayed on his/her profile page. We also make no guarantee that the information that is displayed in the profile page is accurate. If you become a victim of fraud through these classifieds, we cannot give you any additional information about the seller because we do not have it. It is the buyers responsibility to collect as much information and investigate the seller before you buy. Do Not assume that we have done this for you - we have not.
  • Great Lakes Cobra Club makes absolutely no claims about the safety of making a purchase through these classified ad pages. If you do not feel 100% comfortable with the buyer, Do Not buy it!
  • If you become a victim of fraud through these classifieds, you must contact us at info@Great Lakes Cobra Club as soon as possible with a description of the transaction and the user's name and email address that you purchased from. This action does not create any liability or responsibility on Great Lakes Cobra Club's part and will only help to prevent further acts of fraud. It is up to you to contact the appropriate law enforcement officials if you have become a fraud victim.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age and agree with all statements and policies of Great Lakes Cobra Club to continue contacting this seller.
I have read this page and agree with all the statements above and I understand that by contacting a seller through these classified ads, I am doing so at my own risk and Great Lakes Cobra Club accepts no responsibilty for the outcome of any transaction I make.


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