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 Photo Galleries - GLCC Lake Hop - Sept 20 2014
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GLCC Lake Hop - Sept 20 2014
I am pretty certain that everyone enjoyed themselves for our 1st annual Cobra Club Lake Hop. What a fantastic day! We couldnt have ordered better weather for this event. 1st stopTerry and Karens: What a lovely home. I noticed that there was absolutely no one seated. Which is a good sign that we are in for a fun, exciting day with good friends. Everyone was enjoying their coffee, quiche and pastries, as we all mingled and enjoyed talking with one another. My only regret is that I didnt take any pictures here. Hope someone else did. 2nd stopDoug Lentzs Wow! I was floored by all the rebuilt memorabilia that Doug has collected over the years. Very cool and so interesting to learn some of the stories and history behind some of it. Such a beautiful home. (Everyone still having a great time!) 3rd stopGeorge and Rhondas Sure seems like this day is going way too fast. Hope you got a good look at our house, because it will be the last time you see it. George and I our so excited that we begin to build our dream home this spring! 4th stopKirk and Jennys Awesome. Perfect wind down our journey. Such a beautiful home. Kirk and Jennys hospitality was wonderful and appreciated by all. And the food they prepareddelicious! Could it get any better then this? It should be illegal to have this much fun!!

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