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Jim & Connie Adams

Plymouth, MI

Manufacturer: Superformance
Engine Type: Ford G460
Transmission: Tremek 5 speed
Horse Power: 500
Body Color: Titainum
Stripe: Black
Interior: Black
CID: 460

Terry & Karen Anway

Goodrich, MI

Manufacturer: Premier Motor Sports
Engine Type: 2003 Cobra SVT Terminator 4.6L DOHC
Transmission: T-56
Horse Power: 394 RWHP 387 ft/lbs
Body Color: Med Slate Gray
Stripe: Black Pearl
Interior: Charcoal
CID: 281 DOHC Supercharged SVT

Patrick & Joyce Burger

Dearborn, MI

Manufacturer: Classic
Engine Type: Ford 302
Transmission: c4
Horse Power: ?
Body Color: Red
Stripe: White
Interior: Carmel
CID: 302

Joe Burger & Nora Wahla

Dearborn, Michigan

Manufacturer: superformance
Engine Type: roush 427R
Transmission: Tremec TKO II
Horse Power: 550
Body Color: black
Stripe: silver
Interior: black
CID: 427

Marshall & Fran Coulter

Macomb, MI

Manufacturer: Excaliber
Engine Type: 302 EFI
Transmission: T-5
Horse Power: 250
Body Color: Yellow
Stripe: Black
Interior: Black
CID: 302

Dave & Elly Courter

Clarkston, Mi.

Manufacturer: Superformance
Engine Type: 460
Transmission: TKO
Horse Power: 550 -
Body Color: Indigo blue
Stripe: titanium
Interior: black
CID: 460

James & Marnie DeBell

Marysville, Mi

Manufacturer: Factory Five
Engine Type: 302 Ford
Transmission: Tremec 5speed
Horse Power: not enough
Body Color: Screaming Yellow
Stripe: none
Interior: Black
CID: 302

Jeff & Darlene Ebersole

Canton Twp., MI

Manufacturer: Factory Five Racing #1643 chassis
Engine Type: Ford V8
Transmission: Ford C6 3-speed auto.
Horse Power: 400 +
Body Color: Ford Merlot (Purple)
Stripe: none
Interior: Black + carpeted
CID: 472 (460 @ .060 over)

Bill & Sally Gill

Troy, MI

Manufacturer: TBD

Doug & Colleen Green

Lake Orion, MI

Manufacturer: Superformance
Engine Type: ford
Transmission: T-3550
Horse Power: 450
Body Color: Titanium
Interior: Black
CID: 392

Mark & Karen Hagedorn


Manufacturer: Factory Five
Engine Type: Ford Racing
Transmission: TKO 600
Horse Power: 500
Body Color: Black
Stripe: Metallic Gray
Interior: Black/Gray
CID: 392

Dana & Julie Hansen

Fairview, NC

John & Debra Konyha

Woodhaven, Mi

Manufacturer: factory 5 #1500
Engine Type: 302ford a 4 block
Transmission: viper 6 speed pro shifter
Horse Power: 608without 1000+noswith
Body Color: black also hard top
Interior: t6alum
CID: 351 302 stroker

Art Kussner & Shirley

Oxford, MI

Doug & Jennifer Lentz

Fenton, MI

Manufacturer: Classic Roadster
Engine Type: 351
Transmission: TopLoad
Horse Power: 351
Body Color: Red
Stripe: Gold
Interior: Black
CID: 351

John & Carol Mahan

Warren, OH

Manufacturer: Superformance
Engine Type: Ford 460 SVO
Transmission: Tremec TKO
Horse Power: 560
Body Color: Blue
Stripe: White
Interior: Black
CID: 460

Jack & Jana May

Lorain, oh

Manufacturer: E-M
Engine Type: SBC
Body Color: Red
Stripe: Silver
Interior: Black

Marvin & none Miller

white lake, mi

Manufacturer: West Coast Custom
Engine Type: Ford 460 cu in
Transmission: Trimec 5 speed
Horse Power: 400
Body Color: Pearl
Interior: Buckskin
CID: 460

Keith & Helen Phillips

White Lake, MI

Manufacturer: Factory Five
Engine Type: Ford
Horse Power: 350+
Body Color: Drk Blue
Stripe: Silver
Interior: Black
CID: 302

Mark Reizen

Howell, MI

Manufacturer: GMC
Engine Type: BB Chevrolet
Transmission: Turbo 400
Horse Power: 454
Body Color: Turquoise & White
Interior: Turquoise & White
CID: 454 cu in

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